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How to View Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger in Android

How to View Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger in Android

Sometimes we delete messages that we have already sent to Facebook Messenger.  When there is a typo, a message that needs to be sent to another, or for some other reason, we delete the urgent message.

As a result, the person receiving such a message cannot read it.  Even if he receives a notification that the message has been received, he still sees the message as deleted or unsent.

In this case, the message is very open mind.  Facebook has not officially provided the facility to read deleted messages.

However, there is a trick to read deleted messages, which can be used by Android users.  Today we are discussing how to view deleted messages in Messenger.

There are now some third party apps targeted at Android users, with the help of which deleted messenger messages can be viewed.  Today we are preparing these tips using WMAR's WMAR.

How to view Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger in Android

Step 1: To do this, first go to the Google Play Store and search for the WAMR app.

Step 2:  Install the app.

Step 3:  Open the app, read the disclaimer, accept and click on Next Arrow.

Step 4:  Then select the app you want to recover deleted messages.  For now, we will only test for Messenger.

Step 5:  Then read all the instructions and swipe to the setup screen.

Step 6:  Enable notification reader and allow multimedia files.

Step 7: After doing so, you can now go to the Deleted Messages app in Messenger and see.

After installing the app, you can go to the app and see only the deleted messages.  Messages before the app is installed will not be seen even if deleted.

This process is only useful if the recently received, but not viewable, message has been deleted.  Only deleted text messages can be viewed using this app.  Links, photos, videos can not be seen.