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Top 12 Best Travel Affiliate Programs for 2022

As the world becomes more and more globalized, one of the best ways to take advantage of this trend is by starting your own business that focuses on bringing people together across borders. One of the most popular ideas in this field is travel affiliate programs, which allow you to connect with travelers around the world through your website and help them get where they need to go while earning money in the process. Here are the top 12 best travel affiliate programs available today, as well as fifteen other options you might want to consider if these aren’t quite right for you.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy used by many online businesses to monetize their website or product without having to sell directly. In other words, if you're trying to make money from blogging or creating an app and don't want to spend money on advertising but still get some income from your product or service, then affiliate marketing might be right for you. The way it works is simple: You find companies that offer products or services related to what you're selling (like Amazon's affiliate program) and then advertise those products or services through banners, text links, or other methods (like AdSense). When someone buys something through one of your ads, they'll give you a cut—usually between 5%–25%—of whatever they spent.

What kind of offers do you want to promote?

Before you can look for affiliate programs, you need to determine what products or services you want to promote. Are you interested in selling physical goods? Do you want to focus on promoting digital goods? Regardless of what type of offer you are looking for, there are hundreds if not thousands of programs and networks that will allow you to do so. Depending on your niche, some may be better than others. You can find these offers by searching through affiliate directories such as CJ, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Pepperjam Network, and ShareASale. If you’re not sure which product or service fits best with your readers then think about your own experiences. What kind of products or services would you trust enough to refer friends and family?

Are you comfortable promoting flights, hotels, and car rentals?

While there are plenty of opportunities to promote affiliate products like clothing, home goods, and consumer electronics, travel affiliate programs may be what you want to look into. Over the past few years, hotel chain companies have been revamping their rewards programs to better compete with other travel-related industries. For example, some hotel chains offer discounts on select rooms or discounted rates in exchange for being an affiliate member. When it comes to promoting your company as an affiliate marketer, travel-related products can be some of the best ones out there. It also helps that travel is one of those categories that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much time passes by. If you think you’re ready to start working with travel affiliates, here are some top picks from our list.

Top 12 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

There are different types of affiliate programs and some of them pay more than others. To know how well an affiliate program pays, you need to find out how many times you’ll need to make a sale before they give you your commission. The best travel affiliate programs will provide an online affiliate management system where you can see how much commission has been earned and when payments will be sent. Since PayPal is so convenient and widely used, it is great to see if your potential partners accept Paypal because even though you may be receiving checks in the mail, many people like to use their own money for payments through Paypal.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn money while you travel the world, but it can also be difficult to identify exactly what affiliate program will be the best fit. To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of 12 of the best travel affiliate programs available today! These affiliate programs are listed from the highest commission rate to the lowest, so you’ll know which affiliates will pay you more per click or sale.

Let’s get started!

1) HostelWorld

Top 12 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

A really interesting take on travel affiliate programs, HostelWorld requires affiliates to have stayed in a hostel before they can sign up to promote it. The more honest you are about your experience, the more likely you are to convert guests into customers, which keeps everyone happy (including HostelWorld). After all, if you’re going to recommend somewhere for someone else to stay, it makes sense that you’ve been there yourself. You should also be aware that Hostelworld is one of only two travel affiliate programs that don’t offer cash payments. Instead, they offer free nights at their own hostels—so make sure you like what they do before applying! If you want to get started promoting travel affiliate programs, HostelWorld could be an excellent place to start.

Commission: $0.02. eCPC, up to 40%, $100+ Average price.

Cookie duration: 30 Days

Alternatives: at 25-34% of's cut (, 4% of gross sale amount (CJ Affiliate)


  • Affiliates with different visitors, inclusive of traffic from e-mail newsletters, pages and groups in social networks, site visitors from YouTube, and others can all be a part of the Hostelworld affiliate program.
  • Access to frequent deals
  • Promotion tools usage
  • 24/7 customer service

Overall Quality - 4.7/10 ★★★★☆☆

2) Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined is one of Europe’s leading hotel booking portals. HotelsCombined has got over 70,000 hotels in a total of 1,500 destinations worldwide. There are good deals every day at HotelsCombined - use that to your advantage! From last-minute weekend getaways to long-term holidays, you'll always find good value deals on HotelsCombined. For example, at holiday times such as Christmas and New Year's Eve, you could save up to 50% when compared with other travel sites! If you're looking for great savings on your next trip, check out HotelsCombined today.

You earn a minimum of $100 for each referral, and payments are sent to your PayPal account. That’s an extremely impressive payout for users who only want to do one thing: book hotel rooms. Hotels Combined specializes in hotels, so it’s fitting that it features some of its most prominent partners. Hotels combined have millions of user reviews you can leverage to get more traffic on your site. Let’s say you choose to put a link next to every review: If one person purchases a room through that link and signs up as an affiliate at Hotels Combined, that’s still $100 in your pocket!

Commission: $0.50 to $2.00 USD per lead, 18-22% per Sale

Cookie duration: 365 days

Alternatives: at 25-34% of's cut, CJ Affiliate at 4% of the gross sale


  • minimum commission payout of $100
  • Affiliate opportunities that allow affiliates to make money over the course of a full year.

Overall Quality - 4.5/5 ★★

3) Airbnb

If you’re looking to host or rent out a vacation space, Airbnb is an easy way to do it. The company doesn’t charge a service fee for either hosts or guests, which is great for anyone who wants to offset their travel costs. For new hosts, there’s also a generous sign-up bonus: $1,000 in travel credit through their online travel partners. That can easily be worth more than you pay in fees for your first few trips. To qualify, you have to make at least one booking within 45 days of signing up and stay with an Airbnb host three times over 90 days. Once that’s done, you get $1,000 in travel credit per year. You can start making money by referring your friends and family as well—Airbnb gives you $100 per referral (they must book a trip that's at least $75). You can learn more about how Airbnb works here.

Commission: 25% - 30%  Airbnb host fee, Up to $95 per user you get to sign up

Cookie duration: 28 Days


  • The program won't be combined with different Airbnb referral programs or incentives.
  • Allows Members to earn promotional coupon credits toward future homes/experiences bookings by referring pals to become new customers on Airbnb.
  • Set clear expectations: Underpromise, overdeliver
  • Communicate precisely and frequently
  • Invest in building a relationship
  • Background check guests
  • Address issues promptly

Overall Quality - 4.6/5 ★★

Note - Unfortunately they aren’t accepting new signups at this time.


4) GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide allows you to book tours and activities online. There’s an excellent selection of guided tours, boat rides, skip-the-line tickets, city guides, and group tours large and small. You can sort by location and offer your interest – cycling or kids? All things Paris? Hiking or Christmas markets? There are even some deals for honeymooners and ski lovers. GetYourGuide offers a wide range of travel guides written by expert writers that give travel information from history to shopping in a region so there is something for everyone! Start planning your next trip today.  15% via our partner network. For bloggers who like working with travel companies (especially in Europe), it's definitely worth signing up. If you don't know where to start when looking for affiliate programs, consider signing up with them as they have many products across all price points (i.e., expensive trips down to affordable ones). We've worked with them before, and we really like their customer service—which means a lot when it comes to working with affiliates. Their rates are also quite competitive compared to other travel companies on our list.

The best travel affiliate programs will let you earn commissions by advertising their site through a variety of means, including paid advertisements, banner ads, and posts in forums. While these affiliates typically offer only an 8% commission rate, GetYourGuide offers an 8% base commission rate through their direct program, though their customer acquisition fee is slightly higher than average at 15%. Another great feature of GetYourGuide is that it provides guaranteed pricing for users for each trip sold, meaning affiliates can be confident they’ll get paid on time.

Commission: Up to 8%

Cookie duration: 31 days

Alternatives: Viator at 8%, ShareASale at 4%, Klook at 2-5%


  • Regular promotions.
  • Available in 23 languages & 40 currencies.
  • A curated selection of US & worldwide tours & exclusive GYG Originals tours.
  • Dedicated account management.
  • High-converting tours

Overall Quality - 3.7/5 ★★

5) Travelpayouts

This travel affiliate program works with airlines and hotel booking sites. Payments are made via PayPal on a 30-day cycle, and you’ll be earning up to 70% of their income for each reservation. All reservations must be made through a Travelpayouts link, otherwise, they don’t count towards your earnings. If you have experience writing high-quality content or would like to try your hand at it, get in touch. They publish guest posts regularly on their blog and will pay $200-$300 for 500+ word pieces that give readers actionable tips or experiences from travel experts. In addition to paid guest posts, they also accept other forms of content such as guides/eBooks.

Commission: 70% of their income for each reservation, $30 - $60 per reservation

Cookie duration: 30 days


  • Huge travel affiliate network
  • Offers white label
  • Offers a WordPress plugin: WordPress plugin for affiliates such as Hotels Map, Flights Map, Popular Routes, etc.

Overall Quality - 4.9/★★


Car rental websites typically partner with different travel affiliate programs. For example, Priceline is known for bidding wars on hotel rooms. If you’re a member of a travel affiliate program and use one of these third-party websites to book a stay at one of their affiliates, you could come out ahead with an extra $100 in your pocket. Make sure you always read the fine print to make sure there aren’t any additional fees that may result from your stay at one of these partners or if there are; for example if you make an Airbnb reservation through Expedia or get Hertz points when you rent a car via

Commission: 40% of's cut, CJ Affiliate - 6% of sales

Cookie duration: - 0 days, CJ Affiliate - 30 days 

Alternatives: Discover Cars at 70% of rental car profit, Post Affiliate Pro at  30% on Full Coverage insurance revenue, 54% of rental car profit, ShareASale at 23% on Full Coverage insurance revenue


  • There are no taxis around
  • Don't carry your luggage around
  • Door-to-door transportation.
  • No waiting times
  • The best price guaranteed
  • No amendment fees
  • Exclusive discounts

Overall Quality - 8.2/10 ★★★★

7) Turo

Rent out your car. You set your own rates, and your own rules and you keep 80% of all rental bookings. You also avoid dealing with rental companies and fleets of cars, save on insurance and gas, benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance and even make money when someone else uses your car. Sign up here to receive a $25 credit on travel expenses via Venmo or PayPal once you complete your first listing! If you are a frequent traveler and like renting other people’s homes while traveling, Turo is a great option for you. It's free to sign up and easy to get started.

Commission: 15% - 40% per booking

Cookie duration: 45 days


  • Low Price points available
  • Massive savings on insurance costs

  • Available for under 25 rental
  • Good pick-up/drop-off experience
  • Making a Local Connection

Overall Quality - 4.3/5 ★★

8) Lonely Planet

Nowadays, Lonely Planet isn’t just a book publisher. It has a robust travel website that lets you browse and book accommodation, tours, and more. Using its travel affiliate program, you can earn commission on print & digital books paid 12% for travel guides and 15% for any bookings made through your links. Lonely Planet gets to keep 10%. You get paid monthly via check or PayPal after $500 worth of sales are generated. Registration is free. Check out our full site of Lonely Planet’s Referral Program if you want more information on how it works before making a decision.

Commission: Up to 15% per print and digital book, 12% travel guide

Cookie duration: 30 days


  • Get paid every single month to your PayPal account
  • Dynamic banners

Overall Quality - 3.6/5 

9) Agoda

Agoda is one of my favorite travel affiliate programs because it’s extremely easy to use. The software is intuitive and it allows you to earn a 5% commission on most bookings. As an affiliate, you will also receive7% of your customer’s total amount in points that they can redeem for future stays at Agoda properties. In addition, there are lots of promotions and prizes to win throughout their social media channels. If you want a no-hassle way to start earning recurring revenue by promoting hotel deals, Agoda is a great place to get started.

Agoda is a well-established program that pays 2.25% (paid monthly) for every booking you refer and is ideal for travelers looking to get the most value from their hosting fees. Despite the low affiliate payout, Agoda offers a huge variety of hotels in the US and other key markets, including Mexico and Australia.

Commission: 5% -7% commission per each successful transaction.

Cookie duration: 30 days


  • Great access to properties
  • Get access to hotel data
  • 24/7 support

Overall Quality - 4.0/5 

10) Tripadvisor Trips

TripAdvisor is an affiliate program that pays out commissions based on leads, not sales. This makes it one of our favorite affiliate programs because you can help to convert a visitor who might have never become a paying customer without your input into someone who actually buys a plane ticket. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even apply to run your own TripAdvisor City Guide. If you're looking for ways to make money blogging, getting started with an affiliate program is an easy way to get your income off on its first foot. The number of people signing up for paid subscriptions to be able to access user-generated content is huge. There are more than 20 million reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor's website and apps.

If you're a travel blogger or operate a travel site, getting on board with TripAdvisor Trips will be of great benefit to you. Their affiliate program offers top-tier commissions and they're also easy to work with. Through their program, you can earn a commission on paid bookings as well as trip planning activities.

Commission: 50% of click out

Cookie duration: 14 days

Markets: CJ Affiliate, Global (Awin)

Alternatives: at 25-34% of's cut, 4% of gross sale amount (CJ Affiliate)


  • A worldwide trusted brand,
  • Huge audience size,
  • Very good commission rates,
  • Easy to get started (great for beginners) 

Overall Quality - 4.5/5 

11) Wego

Wego offers an exclusive affiliate network to all travel bloggers and affiliate marketers. It is a one-stop solution for all your travel needs, as you can shop for flights, hotels, and even car rentals on Wego. The company also has a mobile app to enable travelers to book their trips with ease from their mobile phones. You get access to high commissions by referring to the best price services through your website or blogs. Wego offers affiliate rewards and bonuses that are not offered in any other travel affiliates program on the web. Wego's innovative technologies make it easier than ever before to create your own profitable travel business, whether you are a solo blogger or an established site looking for new ways to diversify revenue streams.

WEGO creates an affiliate network for flight and hotel content. It is available in 9 languages and currently features 1,874,785 hotels across 192 countries. You earn 0.05-0.40$ per flight exit click and 0.20-0.80$ per hotel exit click if you refer a friend who books any flight or hotel using their platform via your link. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer. However, if you are not one of our loyal members yet, sign up free now!

Commission: 3% - 5% per booking

Cookie duration: 30 days


  • Exclusively for travel affiliates
  • Wide range of products
  • The minimum threshold amount of $100 for PayPal and $500 for Bank wire

Overall Quality - 3.8/5 

12) CruiseDirect

CruiseDirect offers a great travel affiliate program that’s designed to reward affiliates who are bringing in new and high-quality traffic. CruiseDirect is a worldwide cruise company with hundreds of destinations on offer, and its focus on customer satisfaction makes them a fantastic choice for travel affiliates. When you refer passengers through your affiliate link, all your commissions are paid every month and there’s a minimum threshold limit of $25 per month. The team at CruiseDirect is also extremely responsive and easy to work with, meaning they consistently receive very positive reviews from affiliate partners. All in all, CruiseDirect offers some of the best travel affiliate programs around - so be sure to check out

Cruise Direct pays all of its commissions to you on the date of sale and/or when they receive its affiliate commission from its suppliers(resorts, hotels, etc).

Commission: Up to 3% 

Cookie duration: 45 days


  • minimum threshold limit of $25
  • Access to frequent deals
  • Promotion tools usage

Overall Quality - 4.7/5 

Do you want niche travel sites or more general ones?

What do you want? It really depends on what kind of travel site appeals to you. If you want to just read about your favorite destination, then it doesn’t matter if it’s niche or general. But if you want to try and promote something, in particular, say snowboarding or cruise ships, then stick with sites that cover those topics. You can also decide whether you prefer solo reviews or having multiple people contribute to each post. More reviewers mean more diverse information—but it also means less per person who writes for a living! There’s no right answer here; just do what seems like fun! How will I get traffic?: Traffic is important because you need readers to find your affiliate links so they can buy things through them. Without traffic, there are no sales! Once again, though, there are two ways to go: either write posts yourself or have other people write them. Either way works—it all comes down to how much time you have available and how much money you’re willing to spend (or earn). A lot of affiliates use both methods: they write some posts themselves and get others written by freelancers. This is usually best for smaller blogs where one person might not be able to handle everything.