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7 Best Video Editing Software for Macs in 2021

No matter in case you are a pro or a beginner when it comes to your videography, you ought to only use the excellent video editing software program for Macs. Finding the best editing software program for you will be on a project basis, however, do not let that stop you from downloading one or more applications or from splurging on a paid-for program. Some paid-for programs like Adobe Premiere Pro at Amazon are subscription-based, which lets you cover that one particular project, after which you could re-subscribe while needed, whilst others like Final Cut Pro at Apple are a one time purchase and will be a better deal when you have many projects lined up. Others, like iMovie, come together along with your tool and are similarly as efficient so long as you do not want a mess of effects or functions. Despite the lack of advanced functions, you'll be amazed that iMovie and different free programs are flexible because they may be well suited with multiple formats. 

What to Look for in Video Editing Software for a Mac?

Free vs. paid - If you’re a newbie just dipping your toes into the world of video editing, a free software program might be your great bet. If you've got more advanced needs, you’ll probably want to pay to get entry to the features you’ll want. However, most software applications have free trials that can help you strive them earlier than you purchase them.

File compatibility - Before you decide on a new application, make sure it’s well suited to the form of video you’ll be shooting. While a few programs help 4K video, others don’t, and but others will help 3-D and 4K. Be sure to consider each of the enter and output codecs you’ll want.

Extra functions - Most video editing applications can manage the basics—merging clips, including transitions, and laying down audio—however, the extra functions are what's going to take your video from beginner to expert. Look for handy features like multi-track timelines, filters, special effects, and more.

1) Adobe Premiere Elements 2021

Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 is sort of precisely what it sounds like. It’s a stripped-down model of the pro Premiere software program. This does make it a little much less capable, and new functions aren’t continuously rolling out to it, however, it really works as a without difficulty approachable video editing software program for those just getting started. And, without a subscription model, you could pay for the software program as soon as and you’re set.

If you’re a newbie just getting started with video editing, and in particular in case you’re not planning on going pro, then Premiere Elements 2021 can be a superb pick for you. While Premiere Elements does give you lots of tools for putting collectively multiple videos, images, and audio files into one entire video, it additionally has a few tools that will help you make a better video in case you’re not a savvy editor already. Plus, the software program is to be had on each Mac and PC.

Premiere Elements 2021 enables you to arrange the files you’ll be the use of to your video, and it is able to guide you via the editing procedure from starting to end. It will even help you add in a few fun little effects to boost your video. And, in step with the times, it helps 4K video.

2) Final Cut Pro X

If you need a video editing software program that you could use even in case you don’t have a lot of experience (and you plan on growing as a video editor whilst the use of it), then Final Cut Pro X is nicely really well worth your consideration. It may also take some tutorial videos to simply get yourself ready to begin doing a great deal, however after you get your ft wet, you could do basic editing and analyze more and more advanced hints over time.

While Final Cut Pro X is an expert video editing tool, it’s approachable sufficient for hobbyist videographers to get on board with. And it has a bit more affordable price than a number of the other serious pro video editing software program. As a pro software program, it comes filled with accessible functions that will help you realize your vision.

The latest model of Final Cut Pro X has the multi-track timeline wished for editing however brings in the future of video and pro features. It helps 360-degree video, graphics, and outcomes. You can edit together a video from multi-cam recording setups and effortlessly switching between more than one angle. And, you could create HDR content. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Apple gives a free trial so that you can see if this one is up to your alley earlier than you dive all of the ways in.

3) Apple iMovie

If you truly simply want to get started editing videos in your Mac, or maybe in your iPhone or iPad, then the perfect way is to get Apple iMovie. This is Apple’s free video editing software program, and it runs on each Mac OS and iOS platform so that you can do your video editing just about wherever you move.

For hobbyists and newbie filmmakers, Apple iMovie may have approachable tools that will help you easily take your pictures and edit a video with a clean flow. You’ll be able to integrate multiple video documents, layer different video and audio tracks, and add name displays on your video without a lot of fuss. It even consists of video filters and a few special effects, inclusive of picture-in-picture.

The latest model of Apple iMovie keeps up with the trends in video, supporting 4K video editing. So, all that 4K video you capture on your iPhone maybe was a film in iMovie. If you haven’t achieved video editing before, this is a great place to get started earlier than moving on to more serious software.

4) Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC 

Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud) software program is an effective video editor for professionals setting out movies, quick films, and the like. Of course, it’s also a viable option for hobbyists seeking to sharpen their teeth on a video editor that receives used in professional positions. If you’re not seeking to move professionally with your editing quite yet, you can need to check out the next selection.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a continuously evolving video modifying software program, as Adobe rolls out updates over time. Rather than buying a single version of the software program, you pay for a subscription so long as you’re the use of it. An added perk is that the software program isn’t exclusive to Mac so that you can switch between different computers with different operating systems in case you want to.

That subscription offers you access to Premiere Pro for editing all types of video, from three-D or even 8K. You’ll also be able to handle audio tracks, add graphics, control light, and color, and effectively prepare anything video you could imagine. If you use Adobe’s different software programs, like Photoshop or Illustrator, then Premiere Pro can be a great option easily integrating exclusive workflows.

5) Shotcut

Shotcut is an incredibly versatile free video editing software program to be had on Mac and PC. Once you get past the somewhat steep learning curve, you’ll find you could do quite lots with Shotcut. And, since it’s free software, you've got got the option of seeing whether or not you want it while not having to pay a cent.

Shotcut is a multi-track editing software program like another serious software, and you could readily rearrange the workspace to fit your editing needs. Shotcut helps an extensive variety of file kinds for each enter and output, such as 4K video. Plus, you could edit audio, color, and lighting effects in Shotcut.

Though Shotcut isn’t the perfect software program to just pick up and begin editing videos with, the nature of being a free software program approach masses of people are the usage of it and making incredibly useful tutorial videos or guides on the way to use it. And, in case you need a readily transportable choice, Shotcut is it, since you could run it directly off an external storage drive.

6) DaVinci Resolve 16 

If you’re ready to get started editing all types of videos and placing out the very last product in a tremendous, 8K format while not having to pay a cent to do so, then DaVinci Resolve 16 is a splendid option. While there's a paid Studio model, you’ll really only want to go with that in case you’re planning to perform a little collaboration or need to access 3 of the software program’s more advanced tools and consequences.

For the most part, DaVinci Resolve 16 goes to gives you plenty of functionality to take your footage, arrange it with data that will help you find what you need, and edit all of it together. Once you’re done, you could output in pretty much any layout you want, whether you need the best quality or something that’s prepared to add quickly to YouTube.

If you need a video editing software program you could get serious with, then DaVinci Resolve 16 suits the bill. It’s simply a bonus that the free version is so successful due to the fact it’ll give you a hazard to try it for yourself and notice if it seems like something you could really use.

7) Lightworks

Lightworks blends the services of a free editing software program with a paid one. Compared to Shotcut, it has an easier learning curve, however, a number of the features that you’ll need can be a part of the paid Lightworks Pro version, which includes the capacity to export your very last product in more video formats and better resolutions.

Whether or not you want the loose or paid versions is a query you could answer for yourself in a while though, as both will let you import an extensive range of file formats, effortlessly edit together more than one file, control your audio, add titles, and tweak your visuals.

The free model of Lightworks could be an excellent option for everyone who hasn’t involved a good deal about video resolution, as you’ll nonetheless be able to output web-ready 720p videos. But, in case you try out Lightworks, like the way it works, and need to stay with it as your video editor of choice, you could improve to the Pro software program and start putting out a superb video. Plus, Lightworks is to be had on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you’ll be capable of stay with Lightworks even in case you stop using a Mac later on.