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Guest Blogging: Where to Start?

Guest blogging the correct way is vital , because doing it wrong can cost you. It can cost you viewers, respect, and Google love. the incorrect way is to post a generic post, with generic links, to generic blogs with none thought to your goals or audience.

The right thanks to guest blog is to try to to all of the subsequent .

Know Your Goal beforehand 

Your content should bring them to a particular page - not your home page. Have an idea in place to maximize the blog post by sending viewers of the blog to a really special and specific page.

Provide a Special Giveaway

Don't just contribute a blog post, contribute a special giveaway that's targeted to the particular blog audience you're writing the guest blog post for. this may not only appeal to the blog audience, but also the owner of the blog, because they'll like having the ability to offer away something special.

Create Follow-Up Content

Once you write and publish a guest post, you would like to write down follow-up posts about similar content on your own blog. it'll help to relate the new content to the guest post too.

Treat Guest Posting as a Long-Term Strategy

Don't work for the immediate results but rather the long-term results that guest blogging can provide today, and tomorrow. A properly done guest post will pay off years down the road if you play your cards right.

Ensure that a Guest Post Boosts Your Credibility

When writing a guest post you wish to make sure that it causes you to look good, which it makes the blogger for whom you're posting look good. the purpose of a blog post is to provide you the looks of authority, knowledge, and someone within the know.

Link to Your Guest Blog Posts

Within other content that you simply write of your own website and blog, take care to link back thereto blog post from time to time. it'll make the blog owner happy and it makes the search engines happy too.

Answer Comments

For a minimum of the primary few months (if not forever), answer the comments that appear on the blog post. you'll also use these questions as fodder for brand new blog posts, within which case you'll answer the blog post with a link to your new blog that answers their question.

If you are doing these items, you'll not only make each guest post pay off for you, but also for the bloggers you guest post for. you will soon be sought out as an expert in your niche and maybe even command buy guest posts because your posts do so well in terms of numbers and return on investment.